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Spot on

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Well I just wanna say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and such! I’m sorry I can’t reply to all of you individually, but just know that I really do appreciate your guys love and support. It made today 100 times better.

thank you! <3

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Oh my goodness. I absolutely LOVE the animation!! I love your animations anyways, but I've never laughed so hard at one. Best one yet, it's perfect! <3 10/10


I actually thought it was one of my weaker stuff

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Sorry about the whole blood-vagina thing. Drink tea, eat chocolate, and take midol! Feel better soon :)

naw I’m good right now.

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What you mean by bathing in your own blood Shaz? :o



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Merry birthmass and a happy womb separation day! Nay you keep your youthful visage by bathing in the blood of your enemies!

right now I’m bathing in my own blood

… maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

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cr1tikal is gonna be on his death bed and his last words are probably going to be a monotonous, sarcastic “well fuck my asshole”

"I’m done playing this. Well that’s the end of my life. Remember to rate my life, comment my life, and subscribe if you want to see lives similar to this one. See ya." ::dies::

In a nearby maternity ward, a baby is born. The doctors gather, clearing its lungs of fluid, waiting for its first squalling cries of life…

"Hey what up everybody it’s Cr1tikal and this time I’m playing Reincarnation let’s do this shit”

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Ahhh I think I'm a little late but it's your birthday too? O: Happy birthday, you qtpatoot with the hella amazing animating skills. <3

We’re birthday buddies! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


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I see. This is how it is then. >:

you can have some ice cream instead

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Happy face-cake birthday the girl who brings lots of humans smiles~ i wonder if the cake was good..

I didn’t really eat any. I just ate whatever little bit got stuck on my face and that was it. 

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